• Research

    Research Areas

    • Global modern and contemporary art
    • Colonial history and postcoloniality in Italy and East Africa
    • Postwar and contemporary Italian art, Arte Povera
    • Contemporary African and Afro-Diasporic art and cinema
    • Interventionist artistic practices
    • Contemporary art and race politics in Italy, the work of Afro-Italian artists
    • Art and cultural geopolitics after 1945

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    My research fields are global modern and contemporary art, with special interests in post-WWII European (especially Italian) and contemporary African art and cinema (both continental and diasporic), and a focus on social art history and cultural geopolitics. In my research, I situate art historical subjects within their respective social contexts while connecting them to broader global frameworks. My first book is entitled Michelangelo Pistoletto: Figuration and Cultural Politics; it will be published by Yale University Press in early 2025. In my book, I examine the artist’s work within the politicized cultural contexts of post-WWII Italy, Europe, and the United States against the broader geopolitical horizon for art of the 1960s. My research also includes a second book-length project, which brings my areas of research in contemporary Italy and Africa into dialogue with one another. Through my research, I am dedicated to the investigation of modern and contemporary art history as a global field, and to the examination of art and social context on a local and global level.